Thursday, May 05, 2005

third time's the charm

So, if you aren't already aware, David Fincher is the reason that I went to film school - Seven - and after a leave of absence, the ultimate reason why I gratuated film school - Fight Club.

I can't recall how many times I've seen Fight Club. It probably tops the amount of times I've seen Spaceballs which, for those of you not familiar with my talent to recite the film beginning to end on long road trips, is a lot.

I often said that Fincher's films alternate between good (Panic Room) and great (Fight Club). Since PR hit screens, I've been desperately waiting for the next great thing from Fincher. First their was his reteaming with Pitt in "Seared" which has never been spoken of since it's announcement. Then he took MI3 making it his first priority, but then again who hasn't been attached to direct MI3. (I think even I was at some point mentioned) Anyway, that project is now in the lap of JJ Abrams a.k.a. Lost-Alias genius.

But what about David?

According the trades and the wires, Fincher and Pitt are going at it again with F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Cate Blanchett is also attached to the project. I'm crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.

Hopefully, this summer will actually see Fincher on set again with Zodiac, the serial killer thriller staring the delicious Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo. Mmmm.

Speaking of Nicole Kidman (okay, Panic Room)... She is hopefully reteaming with her Moulin Rouge director, Baz Lurhman in what I quote is "Australia's own Gone with the Wind." Russell Crowe has signed on as her boy toy. I have a feeling he's more Rhett Butler than Ashley Wilcox.


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