Friday, June 24, 2005

Checking In

BEST LINE OF TV EVER: "What are we talking here? Are we talking Burton's batman or Schumacher's Batman?" ~Entourage's Vince to Ari debating the role of Aquaman.


Where have I been you may be asking. Well, about a month ago I learned that my disabled mother has to sell her house to pay off debt collectors (she's unable to work and therefor has no source of income). This came only a couple weeks after our dog died so things were rough for a while. Anyway, every spare moment I've had I've spent "shit shifting" as I move my furniture and belongings that I never took when I moved out to space room in our house we have yet to move into. I've also been helping my mom move her things to my grandparents house 2 hours away. They never threw anything out - family bondfire! In addition, my father's in China and my stepmother's not happy that my father's in China. My sisters are all pissed my dad relocated the family to the midwest. And who knows when we can move into our house, because Ben's mother is living there now until she finishes remodeling the house she bought last summer.

Any other few moments I've had, I've been working on my ABC Fellowship Application and my Desperate Housewive Spec. Yes, I fully believe that I can write for "Lost" better than some of the current writers and plan on proving it. (Arrogance 101 was required at NYU :0)

Throughout the month of July, I will be prepping my mother's house for sale, prepping our current multi-unit building in the city for sale, working on moving things from the building to the house in the suburbs, and prepping my garden for my wedding in the fall. Thrilling I know.

The downfall is that no film watching is in my immediate future. I've been catching the second season of Entourage where Jeremy Piven is even better than before and watching The Inside. I suggest you do the same.

Until then, The Brain Drain is on official hiatus. I might pop in every now and then. Don't worry, we'll be back in August to gear up for all the goodie goods on the new TV season.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

THE BOX – Veronica v. Maebe: The Blowout

While I abhor most reality television, I have to admit that I became utterly addicted to Blowout during it’s first season. That’s what happens when Bravo runs a marathon and I have nothing better to do that day.

There is something fascinating about diving in the most self-important narcissistic mind/ego in all the world: Jonathan Antin. No one in this world has as much love in them as this man does for himself. Watching his business practices, client and employee relations, and his general hairstyling is sinfully entertaining. For a sample, check this out.

Last night’s season two premier featured a “global” crisis. Jonathan was booked by Alia Shawkat, better known to us as “Marry Me” Maebe on Arrested Development, for her Golden Globe appearance. Jonathon tells Alia that he’s happy to do her hair, but not the way she wants it. She caves. Later, Jonathan get’s a frantic call from Kristen Bell’s (Veronica Mars) “people.” Jonathan can’t do both, but he is a god and will find a way to split himself in half to soak up double the prestige. Controversy then erupts over Alia’s potential updo, ego’s flair, backs are stabbed, and entertainment rages on. In the end Alia comes out looking the worst (though her hair looked great) as Jonathan put her and her mother in her place.

Along with everyone else, Jonathan fights to develop “Jonathan Product.” Which brings me to...

RANT - Why do stylists (not your mall people mind you) refer to any goo, spray, shampoo, etc. that goes in ones hair “product.” It’s an all encompassing term I find slightly confusing as it “Wow, you’re hair could really use some product.” It’s so non specific and not often correct. Many times, your hair needs “products.” Anyway, I have bad grammar and certainly am not the grammar police. I find industry use of the word “product” silly – not in a bad way – it just makes me laugh. Antin would call his line “Jonathan Product.” END RANT

Blowout airs everyday of the week at some point in time. Check it here.

THE BOX – “Inside” Genius

Tonight “The Inside” makes its prremier on Fox. Shame on me for not reminding you everyday for the past month to get your tivos ready.

The Inside first blipped on my radar last fall when talk of the midseason rumbled through television land. Okay yet ANOTHER show about CRIME your saying. I know I know, way to beat a dead horse. BUT this just isn’t any crime drama. This is from the mind of genre master Tim Minear.

Okay, never heard of him right? Well, maybe you’ve heard of his work: Lois & Clark (that other Teri Hatcher show), The X-Files, Firefly, Angel, and the way too short-lived Wonderfalls.

All other credits aside, Minear earned my everlasting admiration by not only producing, but writing and directing a large portion of Angel: Season Three (buy it) – the best single season of drama ever aired. That’s right Lost, 24, West Wing, and ER, I said it.

In addition to Minear, Howard Gordon (Producer of 24) is the co-creator. This gets a loud “F*ck Yeah” from me. Did I mention Brian Grazer is executive producing? That’s right, from the people who brought you 24, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, and Arrested Development bring you inside evil...

The Inside:

“With very little field experience, rookie F.B.I. Agent Rebecca Locke will become part of a sinister and unsavory world when she is recruited to join the Bureau's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit as a new profiler. A special division headed by Supervisory Special Agent Virgil "Web" Webster that is devoted to investigating the darkest and most heinous crimes committed by human beings. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, her traumatic past that she has struggled to bury and keep hidden from others is the sole reason why Web has recruited her. That what had tormented Rebecca so long ago will give her a unique insight and place her in a specific mindset to help her tackle these cases. This is also the case with her new colleagues as Web knows each of their past histories and secrets. It remains unclear the lengths that he is willing to go with his agents in order to successfully solve a crime.”
(From TV Tome)

***For you Buffyverse fans, look forward to Adam Baldwin (a.k.a. Hamilton) and Amber Benson (a.k.a. Tara).

I’ll also leave you with this interesting set report from inside The Inside:

“The show is filmed on what used to be the Buffy the Vampire Slayer sets, and Minear’s new office is Joss Whedon’s old office. The floor the Buffy writers occupied for seven years is pretty barren, now. The movie posters that used to line the hallway (Dude, Where’s My Car?) and artwork plastered on the writers’ office doors is all gone, as is the huge neon Buffy logo that used to take up half the wall on the first floor. There’s been no time to redecorate, the new sets took precedence and have only been standing on what used to be the Hellmouth for a couple of weeks. Besides, this building is to be leveled in the summer, having been sold by FOX Studios. Other than a bottle of holy water and some discarded wrapping paper from Christmas gifts strewn about Minear’s office, everything is sort of beige and non-descript, but there’s really no reason to settle in completely.”

You can find the complete coverage at

Friday, June 03, 2005

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "If he wants to see 'Chicago,' I've left him two tickets -- one adult, one child." Brooke Shields... in regards to TomKat. BS is currently on the London stage as Roxie Hart.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

THE BOX: Finale is lost on cast...

Keep your hands where we can see 'em boys.

As it turns out, 49th Castaway wannabe's, Josh Holloway (a.k.a. Sawyer) and I have two things income - well in addition to the fact that we both think he's damn pretty.

First of all, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who was mondo disappointed with Lost finale. As you can read more about on, Mr. Holloway was as well.

HALLOWAY - "I was a little disappointed in the finale. I liked it, but I didn't love it. The script was one thing, but they tried to do so much, I feel like that some things lost the power they had. But that's okay; it was still good."

Apparently the director failed to capture key elements of the script including the "Shower of Meat" - Arzt meat - and the fact that the kidnaping boaters were identical twins.

RANT - Okay, I feel that I'm a keen observer, but I didn't catch the twin angle. Did anyone else? What I did catch, though, was that they were using a motor boat - MOTOR boat. Now I'm not mechanical engineer, but doesn't a moter boat normally require gasoline? So where, prey tell, are they getting the gas? Oil I can accept may exist on the island, but where is the refinery? Is that the black smoke? I sure hope not. - END OF RANT

Holloway also diverges that alot more was shot on the waves than what we got see.

Oh, if you're wondering what the second thing we have in common is, we both find Dr. Jack "Foxy." More about the boys' "brotherly love" and "Lost" can be found here.

That's Hot...

I'd like to extend my congratulations to fellow NYU UGFTV alum - and my former actor's craft buddy - Jesse Metcalfe on his recent Teen Choice Award nom. Jesse left NYU after being cast in Passions, but has become the object of desire for numerous women after mowing the lawn of Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) on "Desperate Housewives." Jesse has also been cast in the title role in John Tucker Must Die (sometime 2006).

Jesse's fellow "Hottie" nominees include Adam Brody, Ashton Kutcher, Chad Michael Murray, Jesse McCartney, Omarion, Orlando Bloom and Usher. Choice Hottie Female nominees include Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Christina Milian, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson.

The awards will air on Fox on August 16th.