Wednesday, June 08, 2005

THE BOX – Veronica v. Maebe: The Blowout

While I abhor most reality television, I have to admit that I became utterly addicted to Blowout during it’s first season. That’s what happens when Bravo runs a marathon and I have nothing better to do that day.

There is something fascinating about diving in the most self-important narcissistic mind/ego in all the world: Jonathan Antin. No one in this world has as much love in them as this man does for himself. Watching his business practices, client and employee relations, and his general hairstyling is sinfully entertaining. For a sample, check this out.

Last night’s season two premier featured a “global” crisis. Jonathan was booked by Alia Shawkat, better known to us as “Marry Me” Maebe on Arrested Development, for her Golden Globe appearance. Jonathon tells Alia that he’s happy to do her hair, but not the way she wants it. She caves. Later, Jonathan get’s a frantic call from Kristen Bell’s (Veronica Mars) “people.” Jonathan can’t do both, but he is a god and will find a way to split himself in half to soak up double the prestige. Controversy then erupts over Alia’s potential updo, ego’s flair, backs are stabbed, and entertainment rages on. In the end Alia comes out looking the worst (though her hair looked great) as Jonathan put her and her mother in her place.

Along with everyone else, Jonathan fights to develop “Jonathan Product.” Which brings me to...

RANT - Why do stylists (not your mall people mind you) refer to any goo, spray, shampoo, etc. that goes in ones hair “product.” It’s an all encompassing term I find slightly confusing as it “Wow, you’re hair could really use some product.” It’s so non specific and not often correct. Many times, your hair needs “products.” Anyway, I have bad grammar and certainly am not the grammar police. I find industry use of the word “product” silly – not in a bad way – it just makes me laugh. Antin would call his line “Jonathan Product.” END RANT

Blowout airs everyday of the week at some point in time. Check it here.


At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also hate the use of the word product by real estate agents


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