Friday, June 24, 2005

Checking In

BEST LINE OF TV EVER: "What are we talking here? Are we talking Burton's batman or Schumacher's Batman?" ~Entourage's Vince to Ari debating the role of Aquaman.


Where have I been you may be asking. Well, about a month ago I learned that my disabled mother has to sell her house to pay off debt collectors (she's unable to work and therefor has no source of income). This came only a couple weeks after our dog died so things were rough for a while. Anyway, every spare moment I've had I've spent "shit shifting" as I move my furniture and belongings that I never took when I moved out to space room in our house we have yet to move into. I've also been helping my mom move her things to my grandparents house 2 hours away. They never threw anything out - family bondfire! In addition, my father's in China and my stepmother's not happy that my father's in China. My sisters are all pissed my dad relocated the family to the midwest. And who knows when we can move into our house, because Ben's mother is living there now until she finishes remodeling the house she bought last summer.

Any other few moments I've had, I've been working on my ABC Fellowship Application and my Desperate Housewive Spec. Yes, I fully believe that I can write for "Lost" better than some of the current writers and plan on proving it. (Arrogance 101 was required at NYU :0)

Throughout the month of July, I will be prepping my mother's house for sale, prepping our current multi-unit building in the city for sale, working on moving things from the building to the house in the suburbs, and prepping my garden for my wedding in the fall. Thrilling I know.

The downfall is that no film watching is in my immediate future. I've been catching the second season of Entourage where Jeremy Piven is even better than before and watching The Inside. I suggest you do the same.

Until then, The Brain Drain is on official hiatus. I might pop in every now and then. Don't worry, we'll be back in August to gear up for all the goodie goods on the new TV season.



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