Wednesday, August 17, 2005

et tu brute

Why is it so hard keeping good news in? So, since I’m busting at the seams, it’s time to make it official. No longer is my film career lost in four-year “wannabe” hiatus as I have officially been commissioned to write a screenplay. Don't worry, it's not a comedy. The script is for an independent production, so I’m NOT writing Spidey 3 here nor am I quiting my day job. This does have potential as the project is lacking the Direct-to-Video-ness of a possible Wild Rabbit Psycho Killers 3 or Dark and Dirty Nights or a cast featuring Eric Roberts.

Anyway, this will be the producer’s fifth feature and the director’s second. Their previous work has garnered good reviews from the trades and played at Sundance. I was so excited to be part of a project again, I wrote the script in three days which impresses even myself. Since no one has given me any feedback yet, I have no idea if it sucks or not.

After a summer of total disappoint and utter stress, this news was obviously a welcome change.

Now from what could be, to what is…

The Comeback
has grown on me. If you tuned in for the pilot and were annoyed and disappointed, believe me, I get it. In fact, if you can get past the first three episodes, the series is shaping quite nicely. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Curb Your Enthusiasm. But, like with CYE, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development, there is something about sadistic comedy that appeals to my psyche.

Lisa Kudrow delivers a powerfully sad, pathetic, and miserable character in the has-been Valerie Cherish. The sit-com show within a pseudo-reality show concept does well at showing how obsessive, unnatural, and contrived some people can be with a camera in the room. While the Cherish character is annoying and fun to look down upon, the show’s supporting cast is where the real laughes come from. I’m a fan of Juna “baby-girl” Milken played by the adorable Malin Akerman who is a the perfect fusion of Kate Bosworth and Anna Ferris. Damien Young, who portrays “Marky Mark”, Valerie’s husband has come to steal every scene he’s in by constantly ignoring the camera’s presence and embarrassing his wife. So, if you were turned off by the first couple of episodes or never tuned in in the first place, give it a try.

On the topic of HBO, Bill Maher is back this Friday with the season opening of Real Time. The independent topical show isn’t afraid to tell any and everyone how it is. No one is safe and least of all Bill. Check out the transcripts from last season’s infamous Alan Simpson episode. Oh that HBO.

Rome is coming. While the premier is still two and half weeks away, here’s your first look.

Outside the world of HBO, the yummy Paul Rudd has joined the cast of clueless Amy Heckerling's "I Could Never Be Your Woman." Rudd will star opposite the divine catwoman herself, Michelle Pfeiffer. The cast is rounded out with Tracey Ullman, Fred Willard, and Clueless alum Stacey Dash. In a bizarre side note, Ullman plays Mother Nature.

What’s with Irish, Australian, and Brit’s getting all the good Civil War roles? The New York Daily News reports that Steven Spielberg has picked Liam Neeson as Abraham Lincoln for the bio-pic set to start filming next spring. That’s right, no Tom Hanks.

Those of you dying to see what Ebert noted as the “worst film ever made” or just struck with an obscene curiosity to check out Chloe Sevigny getting (and going) down on Vincent Gallo, Brown Bunny is now available.

Finally, if you miss the sultry voice of Fiona Apple and have trying to be compensating with Joss Stone, mark your calendar for October 4th. That’s right the controversial next album, Extraordinary Machine, has a release date, though some of you .mp3 bloggers might already have some of the tracks that were originally set for the album, it won’t be the same. For the full juicy-juice story, check here.


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