Friday, August 05, 2005

You Got Gold

I’m glad to report that things are looking up since I last posted and starting next week, the Brain Drain will be back in action. Where, oh where, did this summer go? I’ve spent most the time helping my mother move her things from her home and put it on the market. Her place sold in less than a day, to the first people who toured the home actually. So now that that’s all taken care of…

I took the time back in July to turn twenty-six celebrating with a round of shit talkin’ mini golf after a gourmet brunch. My wonderful Ben surprised me with Wonderfalls and my very own iPod. We’re now a two pod household. When the cat needs a shuffle, we got problems. I also spent a much-needed day wandering the streets of NYC, roaming through the Met, and reminding myself of what I’m fully capable. Thank god, because little did I know how much I would need that trip.

The wedding plans are coming along as I ordered 20 bottles of champagne and 130+ red roses this week. I’m so control-freaky, I (with Ben’s help) took the time to write our own ceremony instead of letting that in the hands of the church. My god, I’m going to be someone’s wife in eight weeks.

I, as I’m ashamed to admit, haven’t been to the movies once all summer. When I get sleep, I’m happy at this point and there doesn’t seem much time for anything else. I know I’ve rented and watched films, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were at this point. I remember I watched Exotica the other day thanks to the newest edition to my household… THE DVR!

Oh baby, where have you been all my life? Yes, I am a total geek/loser and am not ashamed to admit it. I now have the ability to experience the magic of Ari Gold by just touching a button. Let’s get down to business…

While the first season of Entourage was adequate, and only made so by Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold, the second season has developed into my favorite non Arrested Development comedy. Having worked in an agency and having lived with an agent wanna be back in my LA days, I can truly appreciate how spot on Piven’s performance is. The characters of Johnny Drama and Turtle have evolved from the annoying “other guys” into the full blown stars of the show – after Ari of course. The last two episodes are easily my favorite of the series as Drama goes Jack Nicholson with a golf club on the PCH and we are drawn into the world of ComicCon and Vikings. The entire Aquaman arch of the season serves only to connect the antics from one episode to another and reminds us what the show is supposed to be about, some up and comer I guess. That being said, let’s hug it out bitch.

For other TV, back in June it was reported that Michelle Rodriguez has joined the cast of “Lost” full time. During her brief plot point last season, she mentioned she was in sitting in the tail of the plane. What’s it all mean, I guess there’s more to the island than we thought – duh!

The Inside, which was like Seven on the tube, came and went while the rest of you were watching D-listers dancing. Anyway, while the genius that is Tim Minear has once again been violated by the programming peeps at Fox, Rachel Nichols has signed on to Alias for next season. That’s right, from FBI to CIA without breaking a nail.

Besides watching Jonathan cry at everything and Gordon yell at everyone, summer television has been pretty bleak. Oh, but fall is coming.

I mentioned the best show on television earlier, Arrested Development. If you haven’t noticed, Fox is airing two hour blocks each Friday in August so you can catch the entire second season again. Now, I can also enjoy Buster at will too. It’s like a belated birthday present.

On a sidenote, I have also been watching The Comeback on HBO. Like with Napoleon Dynamite, I haven’t decided yet whether or not whether I love or hate the show.

On the professional front, one of my projects was officially not accepted into Sundance’s Feature Film Lab for next year. I must admit, it was the nicest rejection letter I’ve ever read. Maybe I’ll post it later. The good news is that I don’t really care because I have been “unofficially” been made an offer that could launch my role in the entertainment out of this blog and into the real world. So fingers crossed, and when it is official, I’ll share the stellar news.
Much love.


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