Tuesday, October 18, 2005

long live the new flesh

Okay… so I’m married and back from Las Vegas. I had just enough time to recover before Darren convinced me a night out was in order. Now, I’m in need another vacation :0) Anyway, if you’re interested, LV pics are up on myspace. Onward…

I was going to attempt to go back and recap or comment on the past month of television and movies, but when I realized the daunting task in front of me I came up with a new idea. How about I don’t and we can pretend I did. (If it makes you feel better, blame it on a technical glitch that erased my brilliance before you had a chance to read it.)

DVD: Videodrome (Criterion Collection)

I first saw this film back in 1999 – whenever it was York got a copy of eXistenZ. The parallels between the two films are undeniable. My date for X, who was 32 at the time, told me about Videodrome which he saw when he was younger and of which I had never heard. I was a fan of Mr. Cronenberg, especially Dead Ringers, so I decided to check it out and the film branded my psyche.

Last Christmas, I was thoroughly surprised when I opened a package from Ben containing the CC edition which I didn’t even know existed. Sadly, it took ‘til last Sunday for me to watch. The film is only 89 minutes long, so it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time before. It was about having the right time. See your brain must be on a certain wavelength to receive the Videodrome signal (in more ways than one.)

A young and attractive James Woods and a brunette Blondie (Deborah Harry) take you on a sensory stimulation ride through the Id that most likely offends a majority of people. Granted, weak minds – don’t watch.

I could write a hundred pages concerning this film and never really come close to the film's poignant commentary about violence, media, technology, pain, pleasure, and social and physiological evolution. Hell, the gun-to-gut visuals alone would be enough to keep Freud writing commentaries and interpretations for years.

The film is (imo) the most experimental of David Cronenberg’s work – not in theme but more so in structure. While now the importance it sets on the videotape and a CRT seems a bit dated, the social implications are still applicable. It also sets the tone for the techno-physical thread that DC’s would explore and develop in his subsequent work. In a way Videodrome is a dream that wakes up to eXistenZ.

I haven’t had time to sort through the oodles of extras yet, but the DVD is still worth the price.

As a sidenote, I was so looking forward to and then disappointed by Spider, I tried not to put too much faith into A History of Violence. It seems though, from what I’ve heard, to be a phenomenal film which surprisingly is playing here in York. Multiplex here I come.


THE BOX: Desperate Housewives - "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

DH delivered its best episode of the season this week showcasing why exactly Miss Huffman (aka Mrs. Macy) took home that shiny gold statue. While I’ve preached for over a year that Marcia (Bree) and Felicity (Lynette) are the powerhouses of the show, I’m glad the writers and storylines are becoming less Susan-centric. Mostly, because I can’t stand Hatcher’s character. Eva Longoria’s Gabrielle is really having a coming out party so far this season. Her scenes are some of the most memorable along with her wit making her more than the bendy bitch with a shoe fetish. If the trend continues, it will be a crime if Hatcher doesn’t take odd man out role this time around.

The men aren’t too shabby themselves shaping up to be more than soap opera mancandy. I was very sad to see Rex actually dead and buried as I loved his character. Andrew has more depth and this week was actually likable as Bree’s selfish delusional murdering son paired off against Bree’s selfish delusional murdering boyfriend/stalker. And what is with those Applewhites!

As the Wisteria grows, it becomes more entangled in a superior way.


With the Fox House hiatus, take time tonight to check out Supernatural (WB 9 p.m.) with the delicious Jensen Ackles, a bizarre cross between Grant Show and Jason Priestly. Watch out Kelly Taylor!

The newest offering in the ghost rhelm crosses the X-Files with Easy Rider as the Winchester Boys (back by some serious fire power) investigate paranormal activities while on a quest to solve a bigger mystery. This is the network that brought us Buffy, Angel, and Pacey Witter. The classic WB is back.


Speaking of Angel (see how I do that oh so casually) the Angel-Alias entanglement goes on air as Amy Acker joins the cast for about 9 episodes. Acker, who played the graceful geek Fred for 3 seasons of Angel, also guest stared on the third episode of Supernatural. The A-A overlap is much more complex and most people aren’t dorky enough to care like me. Basically, Joss and JJ must share rolodexes.

Since we’re catching up with the old gang…

Check out that charismatic Cassablanca on Veronica Mars and the cute pesky pastry chef on Kitchen Confidential.

And lastly, for a show that’s all about retired actors, is this bit of news from zap2it…

“Fox [Michael J.] has signed to guest in three episodes of ABC's "Boston Legal," playing a "charismatic and dynamic" CEO who's also battling stage four lung cancer. Airdates for Fox's episodes haven't been scheduled yet.”

For you lost castaways, don’t worry, Thursday’s thoughts aren’t that far off.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Darren said...

I'm curious as to what Acker's character will be like on Alias. They definately set her up as a comrad of Rachel Nichols' character (conveniently named Rachel) but it is as of now unknown if Acker's character knows that the group she works for is corrupt. Oh well. Hopefully, bitch fights will ensue and Nichols' breasts will knock Acker out.


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