Thursday, October 20, 2005

stop looking for it

So while in Las Vegas last week I missed my first ever episode of Lost… Seeing that the show has been moving at the pace of a hermit crab, I figured a lost aficionado like me would have no problem.

I have been thoroughly disappointed with this show since the finale. Maybe I’m bitter and not giving the new season a chance but from my perspective it’s all over the place with now driving mystery and drama and most episodes reference one’s we’ve already seen. This makes sense, but it’s nothing new. The musically overdone endings are becoming monotonous as I try to remind myself how great this show once was.

It must be horrible to be declared the best drama on television, because you have no where to go but down. Something better happen soon to sustain the “hype.”

THE BOX: Lost 2:05 “…and Found”

Sun and Jin paths cross in Seoul Korea as Michael searches for Walt.

The Good – Subtle powerhouse performances by Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim saved the show. The new character Mr. Echo, delivered much needed energy and perspective to the castaways. Definitely a new favorite.

Others thoughts: Last night’s episode has been on par with every one so far this season (which have all been frankly, subpar). Okay, that’s not fair. “Orientation” (2:03) was a phenomenal episode, but it should not have been episode 2:03 it should have been Part II of a two hour premier with the second episode that was aired scrapped entirely. The premier was saved by Matt Fox’s outstanding performance. So I guess the season hasn’t been a total wash, but something’s just not clicking. The flashbacks last night had little to add when juxtaposed with the current time frame. The tension is gone from the show as it has quickly slid from Doug Liman style slickness into the pits of Michael Bay. It’s all in the writing, and the writing isn’t what it used to be. It’s no surprise to me that Damon Lindelof, co-creator of the series was involved in the process. His episodes have been the weakest of the series. David Fury, where are you?


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