Thursday, November 03, 2005

frail beautiful people killed john lennon

Lindsay Lohan has had her fill of Disney teen flicks. After playing a 24 year old publicist in Just My Luck (2006), getting super thin and platinum for Prairie Home Companion (2006), jumping on the A-List band wagon for Bobby (the Emilio Estevez pic about RFK), Miss Lohan has joined also frail and sexy Jared Leto for "Chapter 27."

According to Reuters... "Chapter 27 features Lohan as a Lennon fan who befriends Lennon's murderer, Mark Chapman (Leto), during the weekend that he kills the musician outside his New York apartment building, the paper [Daily Variety] said. It did not mention who would play Lennon. "

What this film will shape up to be could be anything at this point but one this is for sure... That's a dynamic on screen duo.


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